About This Blog

A blog is a blog is a blog…I get it. I don’t pretend to be any different than any other blog. In fact, there are even blogs out there with the same name as mine. It’s a funny word that got thrown around in my early dating days when I had an intoxicating effect on my suitors. They started to call it “BrandiLand” and it stuck all these years later, now encompassing all my silly quirks, rants, out of the box opinions and finesse with time lines.  I felt like I should share with you the intention of BrandiLand which is to share a rare kind of honesty with you – perhaps not always a flattering or beautiful honesty, like in the movies. My honesty, my life, my skeletons do not always end well. (Cue the dramatic music…Dah, Dah, Dah) And I bring them here simply because telling stories is my thing and as a Facilitator with Chilled Chicks we encourage all women to find their thing. So who would I be and why the hell would you come to my workshops/blog if I didn’t practice in some measure what I am preaching? My vulnerability has always been my muse. I have always said I can’t write a damn thing unless I’m writhing in pain. Mostly, people don’t write in their diaries about their happiness – curious thing isn’t it? This blog is my attempt to bring some balance to that – to tell my stories, raw and unfiltered and examine the gifts and the courage that saw me through them. It’s a little like wandering around without any clothes on. Which frankly I think might be easier than presenting my bare naked soul.

 “Find what you love and let it kill you” – Charles Bukowski


 Well ok Charlie…let’s do this.


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